We are a few weeks into the third national lockdown, various businesses and workplaces have been forced to shut their doors for the third time overall and the first (and hopefully only) time this year. However, one place that remains untouched by the ongoing fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic is the virtual office. Here at Kingfisher House, we are thrilled to say it’s business as usual! Here’s 6 ways we can help during the pandemic.

Mail Handling

Whether you’re a small business, start-up or sole trader, you can use our address for all correspondences. Why would you do this? It’s a great professional alternative to giving out your home address as we don’t know how long we will be forced to work like this. Post-lockdown? It’s a brilliant, cost-effective way of opening up a “branch office”.

Registered Address

In addition to mail handling, we also offer a license to register your company through Companies House with us. Great for people who are in need of a separate address for correspondence. We also have a package that offers both mail handling and registered address.

Call Diversion

To really take things up a notch and show customers your company is professional, add a telephone diversion service. This means you have a dedicated local telephone number customers can call and it will be diverted to the number of your choice. Furthermore, we can also offer a personalised voicemail service that is accessible no matter the time a day. That’s right, 24 hour access!

Call Answering

In addition to your own dedicated 0208 telephone number, here at Kingfisher we can also handle the phone calls themselves. Before diverting the call to your mobile or landline number of choice, the phone will be answered in a professional manner in your company name. Messages can also be taken by the reception team and forwarded by email.

Kingfisher Remote

In addition to all this, we also offer a complete remote package. This is essentially gives you access to your very own virtual office for your company. We provide you with the ability to maintain a professional business presence that you can always depend on. It doesn’t matter where you are, rest assured your phone calls will be handled accordingly! Mail can be held at our premises for collection or forwarded on. Whatever works for you.


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