The Advantages Of Meeting Face To Face At Work

During the lockdown, many employees were bogged down by long email threads and endless social media updates. The digital world has made it incredibly convenient to communicate, however, there’s no replacement for direct, face-to-face interactions at the workplace. As business professionals and employees are beginning returning to their workplaces, serviced offices, and more, there are…

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The Benefits Of A Virtual Office

In a recent survey, over 70% of millennials believe that traditional offices will be replaced by virtual offices and work being done remotely by the year 2030. Already, we can see a steady rate of growth in virtual offices as they are becoming increasingly popular among many of today’s start-ups, small businesses, and individuals. What…

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What Is Hotdesking And What Are The Benefits?

Similar to co-working, hotdesking is an effective alternative office arrangement, which ensures maximum flexibility and productivity. In offices where remote employees can choose where to work, hotdesking is the most suitable way for them to get work done and achieve their daily goals more efficiently. If your business is considering the implementation of hotdesking for…

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Virtual Easter Games To Celebrate The Easter Holiday Safely

Spring is here and with it comes flowers blooming, birds singing their songs, and one of the most popular spring holidays, Easter. For some, Easter signifies the resurrection of Christ and the rebirth of our planet as many areas come out of the winter freeze, and for others it could mean gathering together with friends…

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Mum

Now that March is finally upon us, we can begin shaking off the cold of winter and getting ready for spring. But there is another important event that takes place in March that we can’t forget about. I am talking about Mother’s Day, of course. Without our mums, we wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t…

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The Office Christmas Party In Times Of COVID

With the year slowly winding down and the New Year nearly upon us, many local businesses are beginning to consider making plans for their office Christmas parties. The busy sales season is behind us and the holiday shoppers are taking a break from venturing out to find the perfect Christmas gifts for friends, family, and…

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