Kingfisher House and its management team has been the perfect partner for VFS Legal Funding since its inception in 2011.

From small beginnings in a basic 2-desk office, the space and facilities provided at Kingfisher House have evolved with the company, enabling us to grow and develop without having either to change address regularly or to over-resource in the short-term to accommodate potential future requirements.

Seven years and five office spaces later we are still with Kingfisher House, but now in an office accommodating 11 personnel, with full telephony, internet and IT networking facilities provided by Kingfisher. Moving offices within the building has always been an easy process, with smooth transition of services. The recent refurbishment has also ensured the facilities are ready to cater for the needs of SMEs many years into the future.

Amy and the rest of the team at Kingfisher House are always keen to listen to our requirements and quick to assist in providing solutions. They provide a positive front-of-house image for corporate visitors, as well as helping to promote a feeling of community amongst Kingfisher House’s tenant businesses through a variety of social meetings and events.

VFS are delighted to have built a long-term partnership with Kingfisher House, and look forward to continuing that for many years to come.