During the lockdown, many employees were bogged down by long email threads and endless social media updates. The digital world has made it incredibly convenient to communicate, however, there’s no replacement for direct, face-to-face interactions at the workplace. As business professionals and employees are beginning returning to their workplaces, serviced offices, and more, there are many benefits they can be had by interacting face-to-face.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some advantages of meeting face to face at work:

Better Connections- you can’t build trust over an email message or a social media post. Most B2B clients prefer to see you directly before they commit to buy your products or use your services. Reading your words isn’t enough, they also want to hear from you. After connecting initially through online means, a physical meeting should be the next step. For co-workers, direct interactions will establish a sense of camaraderie and community. In the long-term, it’s crucial for a proper and effective professional relationship.

More Convincing- email messages and social media can be ineffective and cumbersome if people disagree with you. It often takes a direct meeting to get their full attention. When you and potential clients are in the same room, it is easier to let them comprehend your perspectives. Depending on the situation, you can change tactics, engage them, and persuasively make your case.

Demonstrate Your Products- by meeting clients directly, you can get closer and show them your products. Well-made promotional videos can effectively showcase your products and services, but nothing beats the tactile experience of using the product directly. Clients are more convinced if they see the product addresses their pain points. Marketers can assess the true reaction of clients and make any adjustments as needed.

Less Dependence On Technology- broadband internet access, powerful devices, and more mature platforms have definitely made remote working much more viable. However, remote workers often encounter issues with their cameras, laptops, and Internet connections. If possible, business professionals should prioritise direct interactions to get better results.

Address Difficult Issues More Conveniently- some issues are quite sensitive and it’s inappropriate to discuss them online. Direct, face-to-face interaction will prevent any misinterpretation. During conversations, it will be easier to express understanding and empathy.

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