Similar to co-working, hotdesking is an effective alternative office arrangement, which ensures maximum flexibility and productivity. In offices where remote employees can choose where to work, hotdesking is the most suitable way for them to get work done and achieve their daily goals more efficiently. If your business is considering the implementation of hotdesking for remote workers, there are some benefits to consider.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of hotdesking:

Improved Collaboration And Communication- a fixed seating arrangement may disrupt collaboration and communication among co-workers. Hotdesking allows team members to choose the most optimum seating arrangement for their work or specific projects. They can remain in close proximity to people whom they work with to allow quick verbal communication. There’s no need to use email, social media, or instant messaging because employees can interact directly. Hotdesking may close the gap between departments because someone from Sales can sit next to a co-worker from Accounting if they need to work on something.

Cut Costs- it is a fact that office space doesn’t come cheap. If the workplace is located in premium location, it can be costly to expand the office. Hotdesking is a great way to cut costs because there’s additional space available for employees at affordable rates. If some employees are on a business trip or working from home, remaining employees in office can use the vacant work area. Businesses can operate from a smaller office, which is cheaper to buy, build or rent.

Reduce Clutter- a cluttered desk is a sign of cluttered mind. It directly harms productivity and causes disorganisation in office. If employees are hotdesking their workspaces, they will be mindful to keep clutter at bay. Each desk isn’t a personal work area and they will bring only essential items to work. Most of the time, they only need a laptop, a pen and some documents when working.

Increased Autonomy- micromanaging can be harmful to the work experience and the impacts on morale can be devastating. A good experience at work can increase morale and reduce turnover rate. Managers should ensure an environment where employees can take complete ownership of their responsibilities and tasks. Autonomy ensures a conducive environment for increased innovation and creativity. Employees feel that they have responsibility over shared space and they will do their best.

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